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Dinner, Recipes / 20.09.2019

Gluten-free, grain-free and easily made plant-based pizza base made with sweet potato. Friends. This might as well be THE BEST alternative pizza base I've ever tried. Am I bias? Totally. But I've also had some of the best feedback from the community over on Instagram on this recipe (originally heart-shaped pizza). While we're on the honesty train I might as well be entirely transparent and let you know that this is probably the recipe I've remade the most for dinner. Crispy, wholesome and filling pizza base made with roasted...

Breakfast, Recipes / 24.04.2019

Easy, delicious homemade bagels or should I say BAE - GOALS. Friends ! How exciting ? This recipe makes it possible to make and enjoy homemade vegan, paleo bagels with only 6-ingredients. The very first time I had a bagel was at a random Bed & Breakfast in between Las Vegas and San Francisco where we stopped at for an average bed and average American Breakfast. Exactly like it should be on an American road trip, I guess. Even though it was back in 2015 and I...