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Breakfast, Dinner, Dinner, Recipes / 19.08.2019

A greener take on an Israeli breakfast staple that is sure to make a statement without all the fuss. Shakshuka! Yeah, I also have no idea how to pronounce it, probably something close to the sound I make when sneezing . A North African and Middle Eastern dish that has grown popular in Israel. This Green Shakshuka is the first Israeli cuisine to grace my kitchen. Simple, healthy and vegetarian with all the greens and none of the tomatoes. It's the perfect breakfast to serve up eggs in a...

Blog, Travel / 09.08.2019

Experience the food culture of Israel and Jordan at its best and try the best traditional cuisines. There is this quote in the middle east that is something along the lines of : "Even if you're full, you can still always eat 40 more bites of food." There is a possibility that this is much deeper than it sounds and relates to their generosity and hospitality when it comes to food. But it's also about eating a lot of food around a table with friends and family. Both Jordan and Israel have...