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Breakfast, Dinner, Dinner, Recipes / 19.08.2019

A greener take on an Israeli breakfast staple that is sure to make a statement without all the fuss. Shakshuka! Yeah, I also have no idea how to pronounce it, probably something close to the sound I make when sneezing . A North African and Middle Eastern dish that has grown popular in Israel. This Green Shakshuka is the first Israeli cuisine to grace my kitchen. Simple, healthy and vegetarian with all the greens and none of the tomatoes. It's the perfect breakfast to serve up eggs in a...

Breakfast, Recipes / 20.05.2019

Easy, quick and tasty spiced orange and cocoa overnight oats. I HATE overnight oats. Well, used to hate it until I discovered that adding less chia seeds and warming it up before eating it really makes a HUGE difference in my opinion. The nice thing about overnight oats is that it really saves so much time when you really just have time to grab-and-go in the morning. It's also a really quick and easy thing to prepare the night or even weekend before. There's also countless ways you can...