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Homemade Cold Brew Peach Ice tea

Cool off this summer with this crisp, smooth and refreshing Peach Ice Tea.

There’s nothing quite as nice as sitting outside, enjoying the sunny weather and sipping on a glass of iced tea.Ok, maybe having one of these Matcha popsicles with white chocolate and pistachio is pretty good too!


This homemade ice tea is easy to make and is all-natural, low in sugar, and loaded with fresh mint, peaches, and lemon. I used green tea, but rooibos tea or even earl grey would also complement these flavours perfectly.


Secret to the perfect no-biterness ice tea

It’s all in the cold brew baby. Now, what does cold brew mean? Exactly what is says, brewing your tea in cold water instead of boiling water. Even though brewing your tea in boiling water and letting it cool down is the faster way to go it does leave a bitter taste to the ice tea. This is why most ice teas are loaded with sweeteners and artificial flavour because its the only way to cover up the bitterness.

Its also so effortless to make as you simply leave the tea bags in the cold water in the fridge overnight to infuse with your fruit and pour it over ice the next day.


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This peach ice tea is

  • refreshing,
  • crisp,
  • smooth,
  • effortless,
  • low sugar & all-natural deliciousness.

You can serve the ice tea with slices of lemon and peach, and a sprig of mint leaves. Or if you’re celebrating add some of your favourite gin and tonic water.

Homemade Cold Brew Peach Ice Tea

A refreshing, crisp and delicious way to cool down this summer. Loaded with fresh peaches, mint, lemon and low in sugar and no artificial flavours. 
Prep Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Refined sugar-free
Keyword: cold, cool off, drink, healthy, ice tea, peach, refined sugar-free, refreshing, Summer
Servings: 4
Author: Angelique


  • 3 very ripe peaches sliced
  • 2 Tbsps fresh lemon juice + 4 slices for garnish
  • 4-5 Tbsps honey/maple/agave syrup
  • 4 mint sprigs
  • 2-3 green tea bags or earl grey/ rooibos
  • 1 L cold filtered water
  • Ice cubes
  • ½ cup 100% Apple juice optional for extra sweetness


  • Add the peach slices to the sealable jar/pitcher first and use a wooden spoon to crush the peaches just enough to release some of the juice. Then add the lemon juice, honey, filtered water, and tea bags. If you prefer a sweeter ice tea, add the fresh-pressed apple juice.
  • Cover the jar/pitcher and set in the fridge overnight ( 9-12 hours).
  • The next day, remove the tea bags and pour the ice tea over ice into individual glasses, add a slice of peach & lemon and a spring of mint leaves to garnish ( to make the mint more fragrant, rub it between your hands before adding it to the glass).
  • The ice tea keeps for up to 3 days if kept covered in the fridge. Shake well before pouring.


  • Bewing the green tea overnight helps tame the bitterness.
  • Alternatively you can cold brew the ice tea and only add in the peaches before serving. Blending the peeled peach slices with the ice tea and straining the ice tea twice and removing froth on top before serving.

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