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Recipes, Snacks / 23.08.2019

Easy and versatile appetizer to enjoy with friends and family at a dinner party. With this last little stretch of winter, I love to enjoy all the comforting winter foods one last time and what better than with this array of sweet potato canapés! Impress your family and friends with this easy and delicious appetizer to go with some bubbles at the next dinner party. This recipe was born out of my love for something to nibble on when I’m cooking and of course it’s the perfect appetizer for any holiday or dinner party. I...

Recipes, Snacks / 24.05.2019

Be snack ready to attack those pesky PMS cravings when they show up at your front door. With activated buckwheat groats, ceylon cinnamon , maca and raw cacoa powder these chaga crunch balls are the perfect snack during menstrual phase or whenever the stars align. Ingredients with a function: Ceylon Cinnamon No this is not just your regular cinnamon . Ceylon cinnamon might be a little harder to find than the common Cassia cinnamon, but it is definitely worth the effort.This variety of cinnamon can help lower blood sugar...