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Drinks / 15.08.2019

Seasonal citrus juice with cinnamon and ginger to add a spicy and warm flavour . Did you know that you don't need a juicer to actually make your own juices at home ? A sturdy blender and a nut milk bag, cheese cloth or fine strainer would do the trick ! I almost always use my blender and nut milk bag to make a juice because it's so much less work to clean up afterwards than with a juicer. Just remember to chop the fruit and vegetables into...

Drinks, Recipes / 28.01.2019

AsWHAT? Classified as an adaptogen; that helps the body manage stress. Ashwagandha has been used for over 3000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration. So what does science say about ashwagandha? Can reduce blood sugar levels ; human studies found that ashwagandha successfully reduced blood sugar levels for both healthy people and people with diabetes (1,2,3,4) . Can reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels ; (5,6) one study found that compared to the control group , adults who was chronically stressed and supplemented with ashwagandha had a...