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Breakfast, Desserts, Recipes / 30.10.2019

Gluten-free,dairy-free buckwheat crêpes that's easy to make when the weather or your appetite calls for it. A crêpe is like having a mini burrito for breakfast, and quite frankly, who wouldn’t want that? If you are on the look-out for an easy, lazy weekend morning breakfast to have in bed, this easy 4-Ingredient Buckwheat Crêpe recipe is just that my friend! Fillings, Toppings and Flavours The flavour options and filling possibilities are endless. Making it an all year-round-type of breakfast, lunch, dinner and obviously dessert. If you're feeling fancy enough...

Desserts, Recipes / 11.10.2019

Classic genoise vanilla cake made dairy- and refined sugar-free with toasted coconut. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me the amence honor to present to you this fluffy, sweet, tender toasted coconut vanilla cake that's dairy-free and refined sugar-free. A dream that you can bake. So let's get baking! Ingredients Blue matcha actually isn't matcha at all but just butterfly pea flower powder and is the perfect natural colourant when mixed with hot water or milk as it turns vibrant blue. However, mixing it with the coconut cashew frosting required a little...

Desserts, Recipes / 01.10.2019

Creamy vegan matcha popsicles with a white chocolate drizzle, pistachio, and strawberries. Any good café worth its salt is serving matcha lattes these days. Think of these as a summer-friendly version, finished with crunchy pistachios, white chocolate and strawberries. Popsicles are one of my favourite treats to snack on and cool down all at once a hot summer's day. Ingredient break down Coconut yoghurt Loaded with probiotic benefits you can make your own coconut yoghurt. You can also use regular greek or plain yoghurt . Matcha I LOVE matcha and using...

Desserts, Recipes / 11.04.2019

Cinnamon roll & Hot-cross bun marriage.

Hot-cross Cinnamon rolls that are sweet, sticky, spicy and absolutely dripping with indulgence.

This Easter we're not settling for just cinnamon rolls or hot-cross buns. The Hot-Cross Cinnamon roll is a baked miracle. A perfect marriage of your favourite treats: the classic Cinnamon roll and the festive Hot-Cross Bun.

Desserts, Recipes / 02.04.2019

Moist carrot cake with a tropical twist I made this vegan and gluten-free carrot cake for my birthday this year and it truly exceeded all expectations.   Light, sweet, tangy carrot cake that retains its moisture without being all mush and no cake. With added dried pineapple and passion fruit to give it a tropical twist. Perfect birthday cake or for any celebrations which include weddings, showers and braai’s.  I had vegan and non-vegan friends tasting the cake at the party and it is undetectably vegan and gluten-free. Make it your own...

Desserts, Recipes / 28.01.2019

South Africa's favourite sweet, warm and saucy Malva Pudding made vegan and gluten-free. If you’re not so fortunate to have grown up in South Africa, a malva pudding is similar to a sticky date pudding. However, in my opinion there is no competition. No South African home has gone without this delicious, sweet and sticky malva pudding gracing its table during the festive season. Let’s be honest, we don’t need an excuse to fill our bellies with this soft and spongy pudding. I personally don’t like the aftertaste of regular gluten-free...