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Breakfast, Recipes / 01.09.2019

Springtime breakfast granola tart. After months of eating warm porridge and oats for breakfast, this is just the kind of refreshing change I needed to welcome spring. So right about now you are probably thinking, tart ? For breakfast, really? Don't be fooled by the name, it's a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. Think of it as a fancy way to serve yoghurt, granola and fruit. Now this granola crust may seem like a little too much effort to even bother , but it's super quick and easy to make. Taking only...

Breakfast, Dinner, Dinner, Recipes / 19.08.2019

A greener take on an Israeli breakfast staple that is sure to make a statement without all the fuss. Shakshuka! Yeah, I also have no idea how to pronounce it, probably something close to the sound I make when sneezing . A North African and Middle Eastern dish that has grown popular in Israel. This Green Shakshuka is the first Israeli cuisine to grace my kitchen. Simple, healthy and vegetarian with all the greens and none of the tomatoes. It's the perfect breakfast to serve up eggs in a...

Breakfast, Recipes / 20.05.2019

Easy, quick and tasty spiced orange and cocoa overnight oats. I HATE overnight oats. Well, used to hate it until I discovered that adding less chia seeds and warming it up before eating it really makes a HUGE difference in my opinion. The nice thing about overnight oats is that it really saves so much time when you really just have time to grab-and-go in the morning. It's also a really quick and easy thing to prepare the night or even weekend before. There's also countless ways you can...

Breakfast, Recipes / 06.05.2019

Golden tumeric spiced granola without any oil and a little boost of collagen. First things first, aquafaba is just chickpea brine. Cool. So now that we're all on the same page. This recipe is just another way you can utilize the brine instead of pouring it down the drain next time you use a can of chickpeas. I'm sure by now you've made your very own homemade granola , if that's not the case then welcome to a whole new world ( don't lie you totally just sang that...

Breakfast, Recipes / 24.04.2019

Easy, delicious homemade bagels or should I say BAE - GOALS. Friends ! How exciting ? This recipe makes it possible to make and enjoy homemade vegan, paleo bagels with only 6-ingredients. The very first time I had a bagel was at a random Bed & Breakfast in between Las Vegas and San Francisco where we stopped at for an average bed and average American Breakfast. Exactly like it should be on an American road trip, I guess. Even though it was back in 2015 and I...

Breakfast, Recipes / 31.01.2019

Thick, tangy and creamy dairy-free coconut yoghurt with only four ingredients.

After making my own coconut yoghurt I’ll never go back to store bought coconut yoghurt; it’s cheaper and I can control what goes into the yoghurt.

This recipe can also be used to make regular yoghurt as well.
The secret to having creamy, thick and tangy yoghurt lies with the ingredients you use and of course the right method.