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20 Photos to inspire you to travel to Brazil

rio de janeiro brazil
amazon rainforest river

With beautiful tropical beaches, rainforests, incredible monuments and just nature at its best, Brazil is a destination that has to be on everyone’s bucketlist. I spent 11 days in total traveling Brazil and that still was not enough if I have to be honest. It won’t be long before I go back to this tropical paradise.

One of the biggest highlights of the trip has to be the 4 days we spent in the Amazon rainforest . We stayed at Juma Amazon Lodge, surrounded by the birds, monkeys and trees which was the perfect getaway from civilization.

We also made our way to the largest spanning waterfalls, a UNESCO world heritage site ; Iguazu falls which was without a doubt awe-inspiring.

Of course we couldn’t visit Brazil without making our way to Rio De Janeiro, home to one of the wonders of the world ; Christ Redeemer. We also spent our first day of 2019 walking on the famous Copacabana beach promenade and watching the sunset from Ipanema beach between the always vibey locals.

I have tons more to share about one of my now favourite countries in the world and will be back with more detail soon – ‘ Ultimate guide to Rio De Janeiro’. If you have any questions that you would like answered in my next travel blog pop them in the comments below.

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